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Monday, March 8, 2010

Get website traffic for free

If you are internet Newby you may be asking how will you improve the traffic for your website. Traffic means a huge number of visitors visiting your website. Internet is a very Powerful tool to connect with people all over the world. so if you have a new website and you don't know how you can get the traffic that you wanted, well theres a lot of many ways how. there are many information you can get from website and blogs that is available for free. if you are wondering how can i get free traffic for my website type it on the google search it will prompt up alot of sites. some of them required payment. but there are free tips how you can Optimized your website for free. The term optimized is very Important. One very powerful way to generate traffic for free is SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. there are few steps how you can get traffic for your website for free by using SEO

watch this video 21 ways to generate traffic to your website

First thing is that you have to know what your website is all about.
whether is a personal website, business website or sports website.
and try to understanding the keywords for your website is important. as for example you type something on the google search box of any topic you desire then you hit enter the there is a list of site result - by typing a keywords it shows the result of what your looking for.
in order for your website to be available in search engine you have to optimized them.

Let me explain what i did to my free blog site. Before i started putting up this site i kind a wonder what will the url name of my blog. by the way i am using blogspot because its free. and blogspot is made by google and its free, so get one.

First you have to choose the right tittle of your blog or site. why? using a specific keywords. log on to google adwords ( it's free )do a research if the tittle of your site has high competitors or low competitors. I recommend that you have a low competitor so that your website have a great chances in search engine result page. get the keywords with low competitors will bring you better results.

2nd is content of your site. you have to put a keywords that is related to your site relevant on your site traffic.
3rd use meta tags is very important but don't abuse it search engine may banned your website.
4th Backlinks is important is Search Engine Optimization backlinks. the purpose of backlinks is that your website must have a link to other site. search engine love sites that has backlinks. you do a research on how to backlinks your site. You can Join forum site start a thread and put a link to your site. you can also use twitter you can tweet all your followers to have them visit to your site. the more your site link to other website the more you get traffic for free.
5th submit your site to google addurl then google will crawl your website the crawler will look for the specific keywords that describe your site.

Having harness all of this method you will generate a huge amount of traffic for free. people earn a big money online because the of the massive amount of traffic on their website. they put ads, from google ads from bidvertiser, infolinks and addtoll. Imagine getting generating a big amount of free traffic for your site can be converted into cash. More website traffic more money.

combine all this steps and see the results. experiment SEO methods and you can see changes. you can get more information how to get website traffic for free online.


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