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Friday, April 30, 2010

Earthquake hit Iloilo - lindol sa iloilo

Earthquake hit Iloilo Philippines April 30 2010. around 1050 p.m. Hopefully no casualties and after shock. the earthquake last for 10 seconds..

Tagalog - May Lindol sa Iloilo City Philippines, mga 1050 pm. ang lindol ay tumagal ng 10 secondos.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bob Ong quotes

Bob Ong is One of the famous Filipino Writer. to know more Bob Ong works or famously Known the just click this Bob Ong Quotes

Bugtong May Sagot

Filipino are funs of Riddles funny and Famous Riddles. like Bugtong may Sagot means riddles with answer. Click this Link to Bugtong may sagot.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bridges toothpick

How to make a bridges toothpick

Im stuck at home the whole day and i got nothing to do. so i clean the house attic. i saw that there is 5 box of toothpick. unused toothpick of our family restaurant. then my friend came over and he said hey what is that. i said i did not know what to do with this tooth pick. he said why dont you me a bridges toothpick. i said a bridge made of toothpick. i asked him how can you make bridge made of toothpick. seems like a hard work. but when i was a kid i like to draw bridges houses and all. so hmm well i said sure but i cant build the toothpick bridges on my own. he said if we have time we can fix it over. so the plan is well be making a bridges of toothpick within a month and call some friends to help out.

things needed to build toothpick bridges

bridge design
a glue
glue gun,
small pliers,
color pensil,
magnifying glass
thin thread

Here is one the of the strongest toothpick bridge ever, it can hold more than 300 pounds.

physics toothpick bridge. you will Physics and effective design to make you bridge toothpick strong.

i will update any improvement and progress of making a bridges toothpick.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

zat 970a

Zinwell ZAT-970A Digital TV Converter Box Reviews (DTV)

its one of the tv converter box.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back Muscle Pain - Back Pain Treatment at Home

Muscle spasm is not very common in neck and shoulder injuries. Shoulder muscle spasm is when the muscle contracts violently . Sometimes, the muscles of the upper back can go into spasm due to a neck muscle or shoulder injury. Shoulder muscle tightness or stiffness is also common. There might be a "pulling" or abnormal "stretching" feeling when the neck muscles are used. This feeling is most common when reaching for something with the arms or when turning, raising or lowering the arms.

If you are suffering from shoulder back muscle pain, relax. Muscle pain is aggravated by worry and emotional stress.do some simple stretching and you can feel your muscles relax. Take time to allow the injury to heal, but make sure to carefully use the muscles. Keeping the muscles immobile for too long will weaken them and actually make it harder for them to heal. so just relax.

if you encounter back muscle pain. dont panic relax. take a rest
if symptoms persist consult physician specialized in back muscle pain.

One way the you can generate muscle back pain is that when you pulled a hard object therefore the tendency can be resulted to back pain. intense use of muscle can result to injury. You can visit this site for information how to Cure Back pain

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for more info on back muscle muscle pain check out this site Cure Back Pain - Healthy lifestyle, share your knowledge with us.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ping my blog for free

Ping my Blog

Before you try to do anything on your blog. ask yourself is pinging my blog is helping me. if you tried to research online how to ping your blog the answer is positive effect. there is no harm in trying.
heres how you can ping your blog..

the purpose of pinging you site is to notify all majot blog directories in one step so that all websites knows about the latest content of your blogs. its saves you precious time compare pinging sites manually which can comsume alot of time. this method is a great way to improve the popularity of your website or blogs and for the search engines like google, yahoo, msn to crawl and index your website.

here are the list of ping sites.

heres how you can ping your blog just go to this website
its all free


there are many ping site out there.

so ping your site now. and get indexed or get ping google com

What is ping ttl
What is ping port

Before i post did article i did a little research about the keywords il be posting. i encountered the word What is a good Ping. well i thing a good ping is a succesful ping. the keywords about - what is a good ping have 1000 search a month.

free backlink for blogspot

If Anyone looking for backlinks to your website or blogs.
back link is holy grail of seo. as for newby on SEO you might wondering where you can get backlinks. well there is a lot of things were you can get backlinks but it required a huge amount of time to do a backlink campaign. since you stumble on my website looking for backlink i have a proposal for you we backlink you site to my site. so that we improved search engine optimization. for all fellow bloggers or internet newby or anyone new to seo. lets do this.

this post is about how to get free backlinks to your website or blog - backlink for blogger.
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sounds great right?

well what are you waiting for. write a content about your site and using href. and il do the rest.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the newspaper. write keyword experiment

I Did a little research on Keywords trying to find the niche on keywords that is low competition. i found is- newspaper. write - it has 18000 searches a month and i said wow this could me a target keywords, then i began to do an in deep research about - newspaper. write and i see that this keyword belongs to newspaper writing.

the first result of newspaper. write is 18000 views a month
then i change the settings of the keywords and the result went down massively to 73.
but if i put on Phrase settings it went up to 880 searches a month.
under the newspaper. write there is a keyword like
"writing newspapers"
"writing columns for newspapers"
"writing for magazines and newspapers"
"how to write newspapers"
"writing for newspapers"
"how to write for newspapers"
"feature writing for newspapers and magazines"
"writing for newspapers and magazines"
"freelance writing for newspapers"

And of these falls on the keyword newspaper. write. so ive learn is that the keywords is not that exact keywords it can be broad, specific or exact
hope fully. when google index this then after a week il retype the keyword of newspaper i can see my site on the front page of the search engine.
nice :)

I am Planning to Write on EHOW

EHow.com is a good site to write and article. its every thing about how to. something like that. since today il be staying here at home and did a research on How to make money online i stumbled on Ehow. everything you need to know on ehow is there. on my my previous blog i will write for Triond since bukisa disabled my account. so Triond and ehow is a good place to write you dont need google adsense account, you get paid on the amount of traffic that you can generate base on your topic. therefore keywords is important.

Soon on the month of july il be working on something outsource for the articles that i will pass on ehow and triond. il be the one who will choose a topic and put a keywords on that. Online writing is a good way to start money online. its starts by earnings cents by times flies by and i submitted like a thousand articles money i can generate income everyday.

My Triond Experiment

I did write for Bukisa but things didn't work good. I was sad because Bukisa Disabled my account and i still have 13 articles with them now its all goon in the wind. I did research about Bukisa and Yes they terminate some accounts with false accusation. Now Life and Online Ventures go on or we say i move on. I been reviewing some sites like bukisa, helium and Triond so i will choose where will i write. i have heard good news about Infobarrel but since i dont have a adsense account. Adsense does not approve my application since they said i do not have a valid zip code. which my zip code is correct. grr.. what a head ache though.. anyway im looking forward for my triond experiment.

When i started online or blogging i never know what is SEO so i did study about SEO and Keywords research. so every topic il post on Triond and here on my Blog i will do a research if the words or the keywords are searchable online with low competition. and i am looking forward for the long term effect. maybe in coming months il outsource some articles so that i can produce a lot of articles with highly research and low competition. I admire people who write to earn money. so lets see what the results.

Yes some people write for a living.

here some tags for this topic
i did a online research for keywords and look what i found on this keyword - newspaper. write. i wonder what is this? do people search this online the newspaper. write- if this phrase or word about "newspaper. write" is type by people and low competition.. i can make a topic on this one. hmm seems interesting. okey il make a new topic about this.. on my next post..

well i am planning to put up a keyword silo on my blog and lets see what will be the effect.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is a Thorax and Thorax Anatomy

The Thorax is the chest. A thoracic cavity and Thorax Anatomy

Other term for chest is Thorax. The Thoraic cavity divisions, separated from each other by partitions of Pleura. The part cavity occupied by the lungs is the Pleural division, The space between the legs, occupied by esophagus, trachea, large blood vessels, etc. The Mediastinum and the part occupied by heart and its enveloping she pericardial portion.

The parietal layer of the pleura lines the entire thoraic cavity, meaning the internal surface of the ribs the superior surface of the diaphragm and the mediastinum. A separate pleural sac thus encases each lung. Since the outer surface lung is covered by the visceral layer of the pleura, the visceral pleura lies against the partial pleura, separated only by a potential space or pleural space which contains just enough pleural fluid for lubrication. Thus, when the lungs inflate with air, the smooth, moist is parietal pleura. Friction is thereby avoided and respirations are painless. In pleurisy, on the other hand, the pleura are inflamed and respirations become painful.

The elliptical shape of the ribs and their angle of attachment to the spine have functional significance. Lifting up the chest raises the ribs longer slant downward from the spine, and because of the elliptical shape. It enlarges both depth from front to back and width with thorax.

When you aspirate your lungs expands when you exhale your lungs elevate. Thorax and lungs contracts, to descent the diaphragm and elevate the rib cage. It indicates the decreased size of the Thorax and Lungs with diaphragm relaxation and relaxation of the rib case.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Founder of Ottoman Empire

The Founder of Ottoman empire were the Turkoman Nomads who entered the Anatolia in the 11th century as mercenary soldiers of the Seljuks. OSMAN 1 is the Ottoman name came from.

According to Ottoman Wiki
The empire was temporarily disrupted by the invasions of the tartar conqueror Timur. Who defeated and captured the Ottoman Sultan BAYEZI battle of Ankarian 1402. However, Mehmed I.

The capital of Ottoman Empire today is ANKARA TUKEY.

to know more about the Founder of the Ottoman Empire Just Click this link.