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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Triond Experiment

I did write for Bukisa but things didn't work good. I was sad because Bukisa Disabled my account and i still have 13 articles with them now its all goon in the wind. I did research about Bukisa and Yes they terminate some accounts with false accusation. Now Life and Online Ventures go on or we say i move on. I been reviewing some sites like bukisa, helium and Triond so i will choose where will i write. i have heard good news about Infobarrel but since i dont have a adsense account. Adsense does not approve my application since they said i do not have a valid zip code. which my zip code is correct. grr.. what a head ache though.. anyway im looking forward for my triond experiment.

When i started online or blogging i never know what is SEO so i did study about SEO and Keywords research. so every topic il post on Triond and here on my Blog i will do a research if the words or the keywords are searchable online with low competition. and i am looking forward for the long term effect. maybe in coming months il outsource some articles so that i can produce a lot of articles with highly research and low competition. I admire people who write to earn money. so lets see what the results.

Yes some people write for a living.

here some tags for this topic
i did a online research for keywords and look what i found on this keyword - newspaper. write. i wonder what is this? do people search this online the newspaper. write- if this phrase or word about "newspaper. write" is type by people and low competition.. i can make a topic on this one. hmm seems interesting. okey il make a new topic about this.. on my next post..

well i am planning to put up a keyword silo on my blog and lets see what will be the effect.


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