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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ping my blog for free

Ping my Blog

Before you try to do anything on your blog. ask yourself is pinging my blog is helping me. if you tried to research online how to ping your blog the answer is positive effect. there is no harm in trying.
heres how you can ping your blog..

the purpose of pinging you site is to notify all majot blog directories in one step so that all websites knows about the latest content of your blogs. its saves you precious time compare pinging sites manually which can comsume alot of time. this method is a great way to improve the popularity of your website or blogs and for the search engines like google, yahoo, msn to crawl and index your website.

here are the list of ping sites.

heres how you can ping your blog just go to this website
its all free


there are many ping site out there.

so ping your site now. and get indexed or get ping google com

What is ping ttl
What is ping port

Before i post did article i did a little research about the keywords il be posting. i encountered the word What is a good Ping. well i thing a good ping is a succesful ping. the keywords about - what is a good ping have 1000 search a month.


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