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Friday, May 7, 2010

Oil Spills Effect

How oil spills affect the environment?

Effects of oil spill in the Ocean. In addition to the scenic degradation of oil-fouled coastlines and the economic losses borne by fishing, tourist and other industries dependent on the health of coastal waters, a major effect of oil spills is the mass killing of wildlife. Petroleum dissolves the protective waxes and oils the feathers of the waterfowl, and oil-coated birds die, primarily from freezing. Fur-bearing ocean mammals such as otter suffer the same fate. Clams, oysters, and crustaceans ingest oil-impregnated shellfish beds must therefore be closed for a number of years following an oil spill. Where a spill occurs in a confined area, in regions where fish spawn, or on fish-migration routes, major fish kills will occur and, in some instances fisheries will be wiped out.

The long terms effect of oil spill is equally devastating. The soluble fraction of the spilled oil may spread over vast areas, and toxic components may create chronic ecological damage, either by inhibiting reproduction or by causing genetic changes. A study of oil spills effects in Caribbean found that coral organism were severely hurt and coastal environments such as mangrove thickets were wipe out along with the creatures that inhabited them. A study of the Brittany coastlines in the years following the Amoco Cadiz spill found massive death rates for such bottom-dwelling species as sea urchins, the practical elimination of other species, and the overall reduction of animal populations. Although oil tainted environments probably recover eventually, not all species may return to their pre spill status.

so now people know how oil spills affect the environment and how oil spills affect the marine life, cleaning up an oil spill takes months and even years depends on how the oil spread in the shorelines.

a sample scenario how to pick up girls at the coffee shop

Two Pretty Hot girls chat over cake and iced coffee at a table in the back. There is no one else sitting anywhere near them.

You walk over to them confidently.

When a woman meets you the first thing she focuses on is your facial expression and the second is your hands. This is human nature at it's most instinctual. She looks for friendliness on your face and open, peaceful hands. The most confident and non-threatening way to hold your hands is straight down at your sides. Most guys feel uncomfortable with this. But that is just their monkey-minds playing tricks on them. Holding your hands higher is your instinct to raise a barrier between yourself and other people. It is fear holding them up.

The most confident postures are often the most vulnerable ones. Confidence is demonstrated in revealing vulnerability. You are doing it correctly when it feels as if she could just punch you out.

If you have a real problem nervously moving your hands around try holding them together in front of you. You will look like a priest but that's okay. Many women are hot for their priest.

For those times during which you just can't get your hands to chill out, try carrying a cup of coffee. This can be a useful gimmick that gives you something to do with at least one of your hands, and for some reason holding a cup of coffee has a relaxing effect on women due to the 'looking like you are on lunch break,' phenomenon.

You: "That cake looks really good and I'm mad at you for having the last piece."

Some of the best openers are created by just observing what a woman is focused upon and beginning there.

Blonde: "Sorry."

Brunette: "Is it really the last piece?"

You: "No, I just needed some reason to come say hi to two pretty women."

You have chosen to be genuine and sometimes that's the best policy.

Blonde: "Thanks."

You: "Oh, its not a compliment. Being attractive is a burden. I pity you."

They giggle.

Generally if you can get them to laugh you are in.

Brunette: "What's your name?"

They like you. Is there any point in going on?

You: "My name is the Wilder. You can call me Wild."

Brunette: "Nice to meet you Wild."

You: "What's your name?"

Brunette: "Mika."

Blonde: "And I'm Brianna."

You: "Can I join you for a couple minutes Jody and Ginger?"

Brianna: "Sure."

You pull up a chair.

You: "My butt thanks you."

Mika: "So what are you doing today?"

You: "I've been shopping. But I can't find what I'm looking for so I'm mad."

Mika: "What are you looking for?"

You: "Peace, love and happiness mostly. But if I can just find a pair of hip jeans it'd be good. I'm also trying to decide what country to visit on my next holiday."

Brianna: "You should go to Australia."

You: "Really? What's that like?"

Brianna: "I don't know. Never been there."

You: "Geezy peezy."

Brianna: "But I want to go."

You: "Okay, then maybe I'll see you there."

Mika: "Peru is good."

You: (looking suspiciously at Jody) "What's that like?"

Mika: "It's beautiful. There are beaches and you can hike through the rain forest and the people are so nice. I stayed with this elderly couple who ran the tour company. He used to be an aid to the vice president and she had been a dancer."

You: "Wow, I bet those two had some interesting stories."

Mika: "The best story was how they met during a revolution."

You: "Really? What happened?"

You know what is better than having a girl hang on your fascinating stories? Having her tell you a fascinating story.

Mika: "Well..."

She tells you a very romantic story. It makes you all choked up. Okay, not really. You are a hardened pick-up artist. So you have to fake it a little.

You: "That is a good story. I like you Ginger."

Mika: "I like you too Bad."

You: "No, I mean I really like you. I want to see you again."

Mika: "I would like that too but I'm getting married next week."

Ack! Where was her ring?

You: "I'm disappointed but congratulations. How did he propose?"

It's better to admit how you feel and move on rather than attempt to hide it. By the way, collect proposal stories when you get a chance. They are great fodder for future conversations with women.

Ginger: "He took me up in this hot air balloon and went over a pumpkin field and he and his friends had arranged these pumpkins to spell out will you marry me."

You: "That's great. I proposed to a girl once."

Brianna: "What happened?"

You: "It was in fifth grade and I wrote “Will you marry me Kay?” on the chalk board. But I forgot to put who it was from. I like to think she is still waiting. That will be the only girl I ever propose to."

Brianna: "Why?"

You: "I'm not into long term-relationships. I think I'm addicted to the rush of when you first get to know someone."

Brianna: "Yeah, but eventually you will want something longer term. You can't be Mr. noncommital forever."

You: "Really? Why do you think so?"

Not argumentative. You really want to know why she thinks that. Being open-minded does not mean you are unsure. It means you are open to being convinced. When someone tries to influence your thinking they are making a commitment in you. So don't hold on to your positions too tightly. Let her see that you might be swayable.

Brianna: "Because you can't develop anything deeper with short term affairs."

You: "Is deeper good?"

Brianna: "Of course."

You: "Alright. I will work on it."

Brianna: "You're a shit."

You laugh. This girl is so yours.

You: "When I was a kid my sister used to call me a stinker. I even had a shirt."

You: (to Ginger) "So where are you having the reception?"

Mika: "Want to come?"

You: "Sure. I'd love to. It would be fun."

Mika: "Its at the old city hall. Nothing fancy. But there will be lots of single women there."

You: "Can I bring a date?"

Mika: "Nooo."

You: (laughing) "Okay, okay."

Most women and some men (especially gay men) are gatekeepers. In this sense, a gatekeeper is a person who knows many attractive women or knows people who know attractive women. They control access. Making friends with a gatekeeper is generally more important than picking someone up. When you make a favorable impression on women you will be amazed how much help you will get hooking up. Women in long-term relationships especially are great for this. They feel romance vicariously through other people. Don't tell them you are looking for a date. That will make you look desperate. Instead create the impression that you enjoy seeing many different women and you have not met the one.

Look like a man with options. Trust in the power of honesty. If you just want to be a player then tell your gatekeeper friends exactly that. Women will accept it. If you are cool and women obviously enjoy, you women gatekeepers will introduce you to their hot friends.

The World's Most Expensive Watches

The World's most Expensive Watches

1. Patek Phillipe - Platinum Made 1939

Watch collections is one the most expensive hobbies in the world, and one of the most Valuable Watch were sold at auction is a Patek Phillipe or famously known world time.
Patek Phillipe was sold last 2002 and for the price of $4,026,524 the watch is by Antiqourum in Geneva. Patek Philippe has platinum casing, 42 countries engraved and a leather strap.

2. Vacheron Constantin - 2005 Tour de l'Ile

Only seven were made. All limited edition. Vacheron Constantin worth $1.m. Vacheron is one of the most complicated Watch today.

Vacheron Constantin 2005 Tour de l'Ile - has sixteen different points including sunset time, minute repeater, second time zone, perpetual calendar and a Tourbillon device.

3. Chopard - Super ice cube

Cost approximately £639,320 with 66 carats of diamonds. Chopard watch has many diamonds compare to other watches in the world.

3. Hublot $1 million - Hublot Black Caviar Bang

Made from 18 karat white gold case packed with 322 diamonds, the crystal are AR coated Sapphire. The bezel, have an 18kt white gold and covered with 6 karat of179 black diamonds. This watch has 24 Jewel. The bracelet is made of high quality rubber with an 18kt white gold closure covered with 3.5 karats of 30 black diamonds.

4. Louis Moinet Magistralis

Watch with real piece of the Moon. Inside the Louis Moinet Magistralis rests a piece of a 2,000-year-old lunar meteorite or Moonstone is an extremely rare material that is even more expensive than gold and platinum combined. Price of Louis Moinet Magistralis is $868, 000 (681,000 EUR).

Blancpain 1735, Grande Complication

With Platinum case measures 42 mm. with strap made of Croco leather. Movement is automatic caliber 1735, with 950 rotor made of platinum and power reserve last for 50 hours. price $800,000

The Mud House

What is Mudhouse?

A primitive style of dwelling walls of unbaked soil, constructed of molded sun dried of mud with straw to provide increased mechanical strength.

Mud from earth soil in one of the most widely used in traditional building materials around the world. Until today mud is still being used by countries like Thailand, India, Nepal, China, Australia and in some countries in South America.

6,000 years ago people live in Mud house. The basic design for building houses with natural material in the Environment, the material used in building mud house were wood, boulders and straw. Mudhouse technology has been around for the last 6,000 years. until today mudhouse is still being used by other countries. Built with abundant natural materials, low cost and eco friendly housing options. Mudhouses are ideal in tropical climates.

The Mud house uses Minimal energy, is comfortable year round. The building is massive construction technique, mainly beacuse of the temperature extremes and its unique earth- shelter. before making a mud house make sure the mud had to mature a bit before application. rice straw and common grass are used.

Mud is made from natural building material different from rock, wood, cement and metal, mud can be formed for shelters and it can be reformed back to nature. Mud house os good for a passive air conditioning system. some people living in mud house said the it is c omfortable all year round. Mud house construction considered environmental friendly. also very sustainable. building a mud house is very low energy use and financial expenses.

Here are the Photos of one Mud House i stumble in the Philippines

Mud house will help open our eyes to an sustainable architectural design for preserving the environment.

Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire it succeeded both the Byzantine Empire and the Arab Caliphte, whose mantle to descent from Mohammed it claimed after conquest of Egypt in 1517. The Ottoman Empire was broken up at the end of World War 1, when its heartland of Anatolia became The Republic of Turkey.
The Ottoman Turks were descendants of Turcoman nomads who entered Anatolia in the 11th century as mercenary soldiers of the Seljuks. At the end of 13th century, Osman 1 (from whom the name Ottoman is derived) asserted the independence of his small principality in northwestern Anatolia. within a century his dynasty had extended its domain into an pier stretching from Danube to the Euphrates.
The empire was temporarily disrupted by the invasions of the tartar conqueror Timur. Who defeated and captured the Ottoman Sultan BAYEZI battle of Ankarian 1402. However, Mehmed I (1389-1421), the Restorer, succeeded in reuniting much of the empire, and it was reconstituted by MURAD II and MEHMED II. in 1453, Mehmed II conquered Constantinople, The last Byzantine stronghold. Both Sultans developed the Devshirme system of recruiting Christian for conversion to Islam and service in the Ottoman army and administration. The Christians in the army were organized into elite infantry corps called the JANISSARIES.
The empire reached it peak in the 16th century. Sultan Selim I (1512-20) conquered Egypt and Syria, Gained control of the Arabian Peninsula. and beat back the safavids of Iran at the Battle of Caldiran (1514). His successor, Suleiman I (the magnificent, 1520-66), took Iraq, Hungary and Albania and established Ottoman naval supremacy in the Mediterranean.

The empire reached it peakin the 16th century. Sultan Selim I (1512-20) conquered Egypt and Syria, Gained control of the Arabian Peninsula. and beat back the safavids of Iran at the Battle of Caldiran (1514). His successor, Suleman I (the magneficent, 1520-66), took Iraq, Hungary and Albania abd established Ottoman naval supremacy in the Mediterranean.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Defeated Mosley

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Shane Mosley who wins?

And The Winner is - Floyd Mayweather Jr.

by: unanimous decision
The score: 119- 110

May 1, 2010 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Before the Fight Shane MOsley is Looking is well condition. and amongst the crowd there is Some Hollywood Celebrity Paris Hilton, Michael J. Fox and former Boxer Mike Tyson, Oscar De la hoya and Muhammed Ali.

National Sang By Chris Brown

Round 1- Score Tie
Round 2- goes to Mosley - Mayweather is save by the bell.
Round 3- Mayweather Dominates the Round 3
Round 4- Mayweather Dominates the Round 4 Showing tough hand Speed
Round 5- Goes to Mayweather he gain more Points
Round 7- Goes to Mayweather he wins the Round 7
Round 8- Goes to Mayweather he wins the Round 8
Round 9- Goes to Mayweather scores 89- Mosley 83
Round 10- Goes to Mayweather he wins the Round
Round 11-
Round 12

Who Wins?
THE WINNER- Floyd Mayweather Jr. he wins the fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will Fight Manny Pacquiao

Tagalog. Tinalo ni Floyd Mayweather is Mosley sa Round