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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Mud House

What is Mudhouse?

A primitive style of dwelling walls of unbaked soil, constructed of molded sun dried of mud with straw to provide increased mechanical strength.

Mud from earth soil in one of the most widely used in traditional building materials around the world. Until today mud is still being used by countries like Thailand, India, Nepal, China, Australia and in some countries in South America.

6,000 years ago people live in Mud house. The basic design for building houses with natural material in the Environment, the material used in building mud house were wood, boulders and straw. Mudhouse technology has been around for the last 6,000 years. until today mudhouse is still being used by other countries. Built with abundant natural materials, low cost and eco friendly housing options. Mudhouses are ideal in tropical climates.

The Mud house uses Minimal energy, is comfortable year round. The building is massive construction technique, mainly beacuse of the temperature extremes and its unique earth- shelter. before making a mud house make sure the mud had to mature a bit before application. rice straw and common grass are used.

Mud is made from natural building material different from rock, wood, cement and metal, mud can be formed for shelters and it can be reformed back to nature. Mud house os good for a passive air conditioning system. some people living in mud house said the it is c omfortable all year round. Mud house construction considered environmental friendly. also very sustainable. building a mud house is very low energy use and financial expenses.

Here are the Photos of one Mud House i stumble in the Philippines

Mud house will help open our eyes to an sustainable architectural design for preserving the environment.


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