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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the newspaper. write keyword experiment

I Did a little research on Keywords trying to find the niche on keywords that is low competition. i found is- newspaper. write - it has 18000 searches a month and i said wow this could me a target keywords, then i began to do an in deep research about - newspaper. write and i see that this keyword belongs to newspaper writing.

the first result of newspaper. write is 18000 views a month
then i change the settings of the keywords and the result went down massively to 73.
but if i put on Phrase settings it went up to 880 searches a month.
under the newspaper. write there is a keyword like
"writing newspapers"
"writing columns for newspapers"
"writing for magazines and newspapers"
"how to write newspapers"
"writing for newspapers"
"how to write for newspapers"
"feature writing for newspapers and magazines"
"writing for newspapers and magazines"
"freelance writing for newspapers"

And of these falls on the keyword newspaper. write. so ive learn is that the keywords is not that exact keywords it can be broad, specific or exact
hope fully. when google index this then after a week il retype the keyword of newspaper i can see my site on the front page of the search engine.
nice :)


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