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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bridges toothpick

How to make a bridges toothpick

Im stuck at home the whole day and i got nothing to do. so i clean the house attic. i saw that there is 5 box of toothpick. unused toothpick of our family restaurant. then my friend came over and he said hey what is that. i said i did not know what to do with this tooth pick. he said why dont you me a bridges toothpick. i said a bridge made of toothpick. i asked him how can you make bridge made of toothpick. seems like a hard work. but when i was a kid i like to draw bridges houses and all. so hmm well i said sure but i cant build the toothpick bridges on my own. he said if we have time we can fix it over. so the plan is well be making a bridges of toothpick within a month and call some friends to help out.

things needed to build toothpick bridges

bridge design
a glue
glue gun,
small pliers,
color pensil,
magnifying glass
thin thread

Here is one the of the strongest toothpick bridge ever, it can hold more than 300 pounds.

physics toothpick bridge. you will Physics and effective design to make you bridge toothpick strong.

i will update any improvement and progress of making a bridges toothpick.


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shadon kumar said...

this is a good suggestion.I love tutorials and yours is great. Thanks for allowing me to enter and learn.

shadon kumar said...

this is a good suggestion.
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