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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hendrick Motorsports

Hendrick motorsports is one of the most watch and exciting motorsports in the U.S. it is formerly compete in NASCAR. The team founder and owner of Hendrick Motorsports is Rick Hendrick. All Hendrick Motorsports cars are build in Concord, North Carolina.
i am a big fan of hendricks motorsports, one of my favorite racer is Lowe Johnson, and Martin Gordon who wins for setting Las Vegas Track Records.
My favorite team is Jeff Gordon team.
Mark Martin Team is good and they are sponsored by Godaddy.com
My friends bet to jimmie Johnson Team
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is my second choice
This March 2010 Hendrick Motorsports
News Mark Matin set his record career
just log on the Hendrick motosports site you can win Mark Martin/s firesuit.

Martin a two time winner at Atlanta Motorspeedway i think is very familiar with the track. Mark Martin will be driving his chevrolet number 5 with a color of black and blue really look nice he will reprisent Hendrickcars.com.
Martin Wins his first race on November 17 1991 of 190 laps. then after 3 years he win in 119 laps.
Jeff Gordon is very positive to win the Atlanta after belong to Top Three race in Las Vegas.
Jeff Gordon will be Drving Chevrolet Impala. the race is 500.5 mile event.

The next Hendrick Motorsports will be on March 7 2010 at Atlanta Speedway at 1 p.m on fox T.V.
Im planning to buy a Jeff Gordon Jacket since im his devoted fans. My friend has Jeff Gordon Jacket been teasing him to give me the jacket for my birthday. I want Jeff Gordon Jacket sign by Jeff Gordon.


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